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Green meadows are just another color in our rainbow

Our group is highly dedicated to the LGBT community, determined to educate queer individuals about their rights and also allow them to share their stories in a safe and loving space that cares about them. We hope to attract viewers from all over the world who share similar experiences. Our goal is to create a support system for queer individuals.

Jean Blythe

I am the blog writer. I find myself attracted to anything out of the ordinary. Writing is my first love. It allows me to express myself and also interpret and make sense of my environment and the people around me in a more meaningful way. I also find great satisfaction in helping others hence being a camp assistant is a great fit for me. I am especially excited about the position because I get to help the people in my community. I use the online name R n B. It stands for Rainbows and Butterflies. A representation of love and beauty. I love encouraging and inspiring LGBTQ youths at summer camps to be themselves and find beauty in their diversity.

Glen Wheeler

I am the website editor. Growing up, I was never afraid to step up and take on any leadership position. And this attitude has continued throughout my adult life. I believe that we are all born strong, but a few succumb to the pressures of the world and lose their inner strength. I am committed to helping young queer individuals discover their inborn inner strength so that they can take on whatever curve balls the world throws at them. Through the Mountain Meadow Group, I get to interact with young LGBTQ individuals and help them explore and understand their gender identity.

Patrick Mitchell

I am the contributing writer for the website. "Freedom" Everything I believe in and fight for is encompassed in that word. I believe my purpose is to fight for equal rights for the LGBT community and also educate LGBTQ individuals about their rights. Armed with the knowledge we can protect ourselves from persecution. In an ideal world, nobody should be discriminated because of who they chose to love. And that is the kind of world I hope for and work towards. I'm immensely pleased and grateful to educate LGBTQ youth through summer camp programs.

Betty Knobles

I am the special events reporter for the website. "I know why the caged bird sings" This is my favorite quote, it literary sums up everything I believe in and everything I fight for. I am also a highly energetic individual driven to be great at everything I do. I am passionate, I love food, and spend most of my free time reading or watching a movie. I use the online name MeVsPatriachy because I am very vocal about feminism and it is a representation of that attitude. It also represents my fearless nature. As an adult summer camp counciler, I'm not just a teacher, I'm also a friend.

This blog strives to unite LGBTQ individuals under the rainbow umbrella. We hope to provide a safe space for LGBTQ individuals to talk about coming out, being out, and other issues that affect them. This blog allows them to interact, ask questions, and also socialize with one another. We encourage love, understanding, and respect. Please send us your thoughts and ideas too so we know what is missing or what needs to be brought up here-


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