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LGBTQ Summer Camps are back!

tegan-and-sara-lgbtq-summer-campThe acronym LGBTQ stands for lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender. This acronym has been dated down in use as way back as the 1990's. These outdoor camps help individuals in identifying their real selves and sexuality. Some of these camps can be seen in many other countries across the world to provide a self-place for individuals to be themselves without any form of discrimination towards them. One example is Camp Quienebarge, which is centered to teach to expression of sexuality- although it is mostly seen, that these camp like the Quienebarge makes it optional to be open when it comes to identification of sexuality, especially for the cases of transgender and non binary individuals, some of the camps even go as far as making policies on the security of some of these individuals who don't want to be Identified to any sexuality.

The daily activities of these camps includes mainly outdoor recreational activities, because they are mostly outdoor camps. Yet in some cases indoor activities are still used, the use of outdoor activities can be shown to help the younger generation to freely express themselves. These activities- appealing to the younger audiences which are mostly the target of such camps. In recent years- some questions consigning some of the activities that take place in some of these LGBTQ camps have been seen to be forcing a negative side of the LGBTQ. The basic history has shown that the movement of the LGBTQ people has not always been peaceful due to the discrimination used by the LGBTQ crowd. Further investigation by USA today has shown that the letter ‘Q’ is not always defined in the explanation of the LGBTQ acronym. This lead to asking questions on the real meaning be to hide the LGBT related letter.

In a question asked a by a reporter of USA today as to what the meaning of the letter to a long time member of this LGBTQ group stated in the statement of a spokesman of the human right campaign was that it meant 'queer' or 'questioning'. The use of the word queer bought about many inquiries, rumors' as to what it means in conjunction to LGBT. One of the noted results was the activists' group which adopted the use of militant methods to pass their message across on the discrimination of LGBT people. This group called themselves Queer Nation in the 1990’s. The media took it upon themselves in the spread of such a backward movement again; the LGBTQ didn't help matters due to the relation between them and a similar event which took place before.

With the advent of the ‘Q’ in LGBTQ becoming more of the universal sign for those who question their sexuality, sexual orientation, or chosen gender they chose to identify to others. More advanced LGBTQ Summer Camp programs are inclusive to all genders and include a multitude of activities to stimulate the minds of those who often have special needs. Not every all-inclusive Summer Camp follows conventional rules for young adults with 18+ issues, however many of the urban-based youth may have never experienced outdoor camping and perhaps could even be triggered by the sheer size of a natural forest setting! In which cases, many of the modern Summer Camp programs include safe space hangouts with free WiFi access to the internet. Popular online gaming range from MMORPG’s to those lucky slots free slot machines. Free slot games help to ground anxiety and smooth-out post stress of leaving an urban city environment, and best yet, they are risk free to play.

The movement of the LGBTQ has been shown to be very peaceful rather than their dark pass. The LGBTQ in recent time have been really peaceful and focused on making people know where they stand when it comes to their sexuality. But it can be clearly seen that their dark past behind them, and focus more on the public accepting them into the society without any form of discrimination.

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