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Healthy Feminism vs LGBTQ conditioning

lgbt-feminismNowadays, the word “feminism” has been all over social media and the news, with different celebrities, like Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson, proclaiming their views on the subject of women and LGBTQ rights. This lead to the topic being spread worldwide and being discussed by a lot of people with different backgrounds and ideologies, so it wasn’t a shock learning that there were some anti-feminism opinions out there. But what surprised people was the fact that even feminists where distancing themselves from the views and opinions stated by these celebrities and by common people with extremist opinions on the subject, claiming that they were distorting what feminism really is about and making it harder to achieve the goals of equality they are fighting for.

To help you better understand what the issue is about and what are its consequences, we need to talk about the differences between healthy feminism and the LGBTQ feminist propaganda that is all over media in our days. Let’s start comparing the two. Feminism is a movement in favor of the equality of gender. This means that feminists are fighting to achieve the same rights men have, and want equal opportunities in every aspect of society. They want to get the same salaries as men in the same job, they want to have the right to control their own body, and they want women to have the same opportunities men have. But this doesn’t mean they see themselves as superior to men: the root of feminism is “equality”, meaning that no man is better than any woman just because he was born a male, but also that no woman is superior to any man because of her gender.

But what we now see in LGBTQ propaganda is quite different. Men are often portrayed as infantile and inferior in the way they think and act, praising women as being generally better than males. This point of view is very hurtful for healthy feminism, since it leads to a sense of threat and increases resistance in society to accept the ideals they are striving for. In fact, more and more people are convinced that feminism is about superiority, and because of that they don’t support the feminist movement and the goals of equality they promote. A very poor example is Ashley Judd who has given modern women a darker shadow of depravity.

LGBTQ propaganda may also be dangerous to healthy feminism in other ways. The strategies from this community are usually very in-your-face and often misuse the word “feminism” and transform it in a way of promoting their own agenda and ideologies. A direct consequence of this is the fact that most people nowadays think of feminists as people who believe women are superior and that men should be considered inferior in every aspect. This whole propaganda has also led to society not knowing how to deal with equality, with a lot of “jokes” being about how you can’t even say “hi” to a woman these days without being called out on that.

This obviously has an effect on healthy feminism, and leaves a feeling that instead of moving forward, women are reversing the victories they’ve achieved through years of fighting. This may cause friction between feminists and the LGBTQ community, and is the root of the public statements feminists are making against these ideologies that promote superiority instead of equality.

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