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williamway-logoA Tribute to the Williams Way Community Center

William Way Community Center represents the whole LGBT society throughout Philadelphia. They involve themselves in events like art gallery evenings, game clubs, Tai Chi classes, coffee talk, senior programs, peer counseling, and other programs that will benefit the greater LGBT community. This includes as well to support the community that experience issues like AIDS, HIV infections, and being neglected due to being gay, lesbians, and have sexual minorities. It has been a great help to the LGBT community of Philadelphia because of its innovative and advanced programs.

Most people have never heard of the HCI-PSAR or Hidden Collections Initiative for Pennsylvania Small Archival Repositories, which started in July of 2011. It is known because of the accessibility of documents with a large variety of topics from small volunteer work to large historical event. It includes a compilation of churches, historical and religious institutions, museums, schools, social service groups, community groups, clubs, ethnic organizations, and non-profit organizations that also have significant compilation of archives. HCI-PSAR holds a thousand and wide-ranging documents with different topics in different locations. HCI-PSAR will continually be the best support in providing and saving artifacts and collections about different organizational historic occurrences that can benefit the future generation of this world. One of the feature grants that the Williams Way Center has benefited from- is directly connected to the HCI-PSAR who has helped document and tabulate LGBTQ census information for the Archive regarding the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender community and provide AIDS and related disease cases documented.

Back in 2015, at the National Constitution Center, an exhibit called: "Speaking Out For Equality: The Constitution, Gay Rights and the Supreme Court" is announced that there will be additional exhibits that will come. It wasn’t until last June 8, 2018, Liberty Bell Center released the "Speaking Out For Equality" an exhibit at Philadelphia's Independence National Historical Park. This exhibit demonstrates the life of the LGBTQ community during the post-war in America leading back to a lively night that happened in June 28, 1969- known to most people as the ‘Stonewall Riots’. There is also the: ‘Speaking Out For Equality: Gay Rights and the Courts' has now been commenced by the William Way Community Center. This exhibit opens the documents, articles and images behind the 2015 exhibit that was held at the National Constitution Center. In addition, this exhibit does not only show the past events, but also what is happening in the present related to court cases and social matters that have been disturbing many LGBTQ individuals.

Another milestone for the LGBTQ history according to the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care is the MC 248 program. This focuses on AIDS care; studying, researching and exchanging information, experiences, and ideas- which are actions that were done for the improvement and quality of life for people with the disease or infection. One thing they have in common with William Way Community Center is that they both promote the awareness and prevention of AIDS and HIV. One issue that rises is often about HIV and AIDS being common among the LGBTQ community, though it may be treated generally, however, these two become synonymous with the William Way Community Center to help find ways to support and prevent people having either of these two. Many individuals have stated that Williams Way is a huge supporter of Safe Sex and disease prevention with a major emphasis on condom use which has led to lower cases of HIV and AIDS cases reported in the recent decade.

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